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A Leap Ahead of Traditional Surveying

In keeping with Seisland’s long track record of adding new technologies that improve services to clients, we bring you a surveying system that is far more accurate, fast, safe and flexible – and with wider application – than traditional site surveying.

3D laser scanning puts high-quality data in your hands – fast. We measure thousands of spatially accurate positions in seconds, dramatically increasing productivity while reducing our surveyors’ exposure to potentially dangerous environments. The asset owner’s complex facilities or large mines can be surveyed rapidly.

The applications of 3D laser scanning in sectors ranging from oil and natural gas to municipal management are diverse. Here are just a few examples. You can plan legacy facility expansions or capture recent changes to new facilities with millimetre-accurate 3D renderings, freeing you from dependence on outdated blueprints. You can calculate how much material is in your stockpiles, or how much ore remains to be mined in a mountainside. You can produce accurate, complete facility drawings – reflecting all plant modifications since original construction – for planning, construction, liability, training and safety purposes. You can ensure that planned new equipment will fit into your existing facility.

The Seis-Scan digital files can be viewed as crisp visual images containing embedded coordinates, enabling millimetre-accurate measurements among any survey points – right on your computer screen. The files can be exported into various CAD and GIS software and developed into accurate 3D renderings and even 2D shop drawings. Sites and facilities are thereby rendered “as-built”, showing real specifications. You no longer have to make do with outdated blueprints or manual measurement. That reduces your asset management risks and aids in planning facility maintenance, upgrades or expansion.

Using the scans is not dependent on proprietary software, and the user does not have to acquire any additional programs from Seisland. 3D laser scans can be stored on Seisland’s TriliGIS web-enabled system, where they are integrated with your existing digital maps and other asset information, and are available on-line, 24/7 to any authorized user.

Wherever you need us – Seisland’s experienced, qualified personnel can perform 3D laser surveys anywhere in Canada. Seisland has an operating track record of well over 30 years and has maintained its provincial Certificate of Recognition since 2003. All survey crews are trained and certified to operate in industrial and facility settings with First Aid, H2S Alive, WHMIS, collision avoidance driving and quad safety certificates.