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3D laser scanning offers a broad range of applications for a variety of users across many industries and sectors, including municipal government. By “letting you know what you have”, and putting this data at the fingertips of any authorized user, it provides a practical tool for a range of uses, including:

  • Planning physical alterations;
  • Controlling and managing inventories and assets;
  • Overseeing work in progress; and
  • Risk management functions, such as insurance.

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Oil and Natural Gas

3D laser scanning captures the layout, dimensions and fit of facilities and equipment as they are today. This lets you update legacy information and drawings to an “as-built, as-operated” status. This includes compatibility/collision analysis for additions or maintenance. Fast surveys create less interference in operating facilities. The accurate 3D renderings also aid in off-site training of operating personnel.


Infrastructure Construction

Seis-Scan enables efficient, accurate calculation of overburden cut and fill requirements, using safe scan locations in potentially hazardous environments. It eases matching of survey points to construction drawings, helping with routing and grades of roads and bridges.


Pipeline Systems

Pumping stations, tank farms, indoor facilities and control houses can be viewed in detail. 3D rendering allows you to perform various types of collision analysis. Asset owners gain the same as-built benefits as in the oil and natural gas sector.


Municipal Operations and Planning

Stockpiles can be measured and monitored, legacy facilities can be scanned to create as-built renderings and drawings, and assets of all kinds can be scanned for planning, zoning, legal and insurance purposes.


Environmental Management

Knowing exactly what volumes need to be moved – and where – eases remediation/reclamation planning. Also helpful for modelling planned landscaping by providing an accurate “before” image. The survey speed and detail acquired makes the process more cost-effective.



Seis-Scan surveys complex shapes over large areas with absolute precision – mining pits as well as the remaining terrain to be mined. We are both faster and more accurate than traditional surveying, in which complex shapes are simplified and volumes are merely estimated. Seis-Scan measures (click here for more on this topic). Scan locations are pre-modelled using satellite imagery to reduce on-site disruption and lower costs.



Seis-Scan enables safe and efficient calculation of inventories no matter how large your site, how much material is being moved or how complex the stockpile’s shape. You’re no longer just estimating, you’re measuring.



You can scan culturally sensitive sites for archiving and preservation, all the while maintaining a safe distance without disturbing the area.



Seis-Scan is very useful for planning a hydro facility, utility right-of-way or wind farm, as well as associated features such as access roads. In rugged terrain, no traditional surveying method comes close to Seis-Scan’s safety, efficiency and accuracy.



Owners can get to know their land even better, by getting an accurate elevation model for use in precision farming. Seis-Scan scanning locations are positioned with GNSS, enabling precise matching of terrain scans with equipment locations and routes.


Hazardous Terrain

Users of all types can increase operational safety by no longer sending surveyors into hazardous terrain and potentially dangerous situations to capture data. Traditional surveying simply requires the surveyors to physically go to certain critical points. 3D Laser Scanning provides broader flexibility in selecting control points.