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The User’s Perspective

Here is what 3D Laser Scanning provides, from the perspective of potential users.

Corporate Facilities Manager

“I love being able to ‘visit’ any of our sites without stepping a foot outside the office. Staying in touch with our field crews and operations is critical to our company’s success. We can use scan data and the photographs to ‘take’ any of our staff or investors to one of our sites without exposing them to the dangers associated with actual site visits. So we save time and money, and we increase everyone’s safety.”

Regional Operations Manager

“By using scan data and the associated digital images, I can put myself on any of our sites virtually, and that makes my interaction with staff and operators more efficient and meaningful. We can discuss particular pieces of equipment, accurately and in detail, over the Internet and know that we are both on the same page. That cuts the risk of making mistakes, and saves time and money on site maintenance and operation.”

Risk Manager

“Knowing that our sites are operating in a safe and efficient manner is of the utmost importance. Thanks to the 3D laser scan data, I can see exactly how operations are going. The scan data helps me perform audits without a site visit, to ensure we have the right insurance coverage and are compliant with permitting requirements. When we upgrade or expand facilities, periodic re-scanning lets me monitor the work progress to ensure that everything is happening safely and on target. Being able to access multiple job sites from my desk allows me to focus my time where it’s needed and not interfere with facilities that are running safely and smoothly.”

Corporate Legal Counsel

“We can use the data from 3D laser scanning surveys to ensure that our operations are being run within our approval guidelines, that we’re meeting safety and environmental standards, and that we’re abiding by all necessary rules and regulations. Having an accurate record of the actual site conditions strengthens our protection against litigation and non-compliance issues in the event of an incident.”

Plant Operator

“Being able to communicate with my manager using a 3D dataset ensures that my plant’s needs and operations are understood by the decision makers in the corporate head office. I save so much time by not having to try to explain which part of the plant or which equipment item I’m talking about. Instead, I just show them an accurate 3D view of the plant and give them all the details they need.”

Municipal Public Works

“Being transparent with our operations is very important to us. Using 3D laser scanning, we are able to show updates on current projects and keep the public informed on progress in a way that they can relate to. Not only do we get real-life project photos and models, we double up on our investment by also using the data for asset and material inventory.”

Design Engineer

“It’s great to be able to work from as-built drawings that are derived from highly accurate scan data, as opposed to potentially outdated blueprints. This is especially the case for older facilities that have seen a lot of modifications over the years. Using renderings and drawings derived from 3D laser scans saves me a lot of time and potential rework by knowing that my designs will work with what has actually been built and installed in the field.”


“I can use the data collected from laser scanning to know I am working with a true representation of the building I am renovating. I can get accurate dimensions and angles of existing walls and structures and can be confident that the new plans will work within the existing constraints. That saves me time and, therefore, it saves my client money.”