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Big-Picture Thinking

Seisland Surveys Ltd. is a Calgary, Alberta-based provider of geospatial surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) services and geographic information system (GIS) services to a variety of sectors across Canada, with a primary focus on the oil and natural gas industry in western Canada and the far north. A quick overview of our services is here.

Seisland’s service lines are tied together by our common drive to give our customers better, faster access to information, and we believe our technology can help our clients improve their operating efficiency. Always insisting on top-quality results, ensuring that the client receives a product that they are happy with, safe field operations and the personal dedication and customer focus of our staff form Seisland’s main value proposition.

Our company has thrived for more than three decades thanks to its philosophy of big-picture thinking. This has enabled Seisland to grow from a one-man subcontractor to a thriving team that includes highly skilled specialists with years or decades of experience.

Big-picture thinking involves driving change within the company based on thinking ahead, anticipating market conditions and customer needs, asking if there is a better way of doing things, observing and then applying improved technologies, and looking for opportunities to develop in-house innovations that place Seisland at the head of its sector. It also involves making a long-term commitment to our staff and training them properly.

Applying this approach over the past 30+ years has driven our investments in key technologies – such as GPS (and later GNSS), INS, GIS, Unmanned Aerial Systems. Big-picture thinking has prompted operating innovations such as creating field maps before sending in the surveyors. It also leads us to examine the full implications of a new technology, such as recognizing the potential for GPS to perform actual mapping, rather than just positioning points in the ground. And looking into the future with an attitude of prudence has helped us avoid adding too many field crews during boom periods, enabling us to weather the leaner periods.

Through these ups and downs, Seisland has steadily added services and capabilities that have made our maps and surveys safer, more cost-effective, more productive, more accurate and more versatile. Thanks to early investments in technology like GPS (and later GNSS), we have led the industry – and led our customers – in the shift to digital mapping, into GIS systems and most recently into an “all-digital”, fully integrated process. This includes accessing mapping data and information on-line as well as the archiving and retrieval of GIS data, a Seisland innovation.

Big-picture thinking has helped Seisland grow from one service line – seismic surveying and mapping – to today’s three, each of which supports and strengthens the other set of services. Today our personnel continue to look for ways to develop or incorporate new technology in order to improve safety and efficiency.