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How We Do Business


Too often, companies think about short-term investing, short-term profitability and short-term staffing in order to endure economic swings. At Seisland we think long-term, and big-picture – about planning for the future, foreseeing shifts in technology, and retaining our staff over the long term in order to give our clients, vendors, and employees' stability.


Seisland works continually to be a leading Canadian provider of geospatial mapping and surveying, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and GIS services, making prudent investments to reduce costs, improve productivity, heighten accuracy, and improve the accessibility of geospatial data for a diverse range of current and future needs.

Core Business Principles

Invest in personnel – Our people have been central in conceiving and developing solutions that have given Seisland its reputation for innovation. Seisland’s applications and business processes have benefited greatly from our field personnel’s hands-on advice. Seisland has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. One reason for this is management’s willingness to involve employees in making decisions; another is our commitment to providing field crews with exceptional support, up-to-date and well-maintained equipment and any available information to ensure the job goes smoothly.

Invest in technology – Leading-edge technology helps us provide the solutions our clients require – safely, accurately and with minimal environmental footprint. Our use of leading-edge equipment and technology in all areas of surveying, mapping and information systems provides us with a competitive advantage.

Understand each client – At Seisland, we recognize that customers have their own preferred methods of operation. Our depth of experience, technology, equipment and our personnel’s strong customer focus enable us to customize our service to each client to ensure that requirements are achieved in the best possible manner.

Keep in constant contact – If you want the best job done, you expect your vendor to keep you in the loop, especially when field conditions are different than expected. At Seisland, our processes and technology ensure daily field reporting and therefore allow you maximum control over your job.

Make information accessible – The GIS data we develop is housed in the industry-standard ESRI platform. This means it can be integrated with your systems for use by multiple departments to maximize its usefulness and value to you.

Protect our staff – We understand that our role in a survey is often sandwiched among those of many other contractors, and that this sometimes puts our team under pressure. That said, we take direction from you, our client, only – and only to the extent that it does not place our personnel or the job standards at risk. We are upfront and honest in explaining when we cannot perform requested tasks or meet requested timelines, which is always the wise choice in the long run.