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Technology Leaders

Seisland is a technology leader in its three service lines of geospatial surveying and mapping, Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and GIS. Our track record proves it. Over the decades we have steadily invested in people, equipment and systems, adding a combination of industry-leading technology from specialized providers, and our own in-house innovations.

Our commitment to technology leadership goes back to the company’s early years in the 1980s, and was aided by strong support from one of our key clients. Observing that some of our competitors were reluctant to innovate, Seisland moved from theodolites using the traditional stadia rod for measuring distances and surveying, to the theodolite plus an electronic distance measurement (EDM) unit, with manual data recording, then onward to the “total station”, which recorded the data electronically.

In these early years, we gained the habit of continually asking if there’s a better way to do things, such as preparing maps before sending in the surveyors. Investing in technology requires a longer-term instead of quarter-to-quarter view of the business. It’s a balancing act between avoiding too much debt on the one hand, and overcoming a reluctance to invest and take calculated risks with informed decision-making on the other.

In the mid-90s, we were early adopters of GPS. But we weren’t satisfied with merely navigating and positioning survey points; we insisted on learning how to map with GPS. Seisland’s greatest technological leap was moving into digital mapping or GIS. Seisland was among western Canada’s early adopters of GIS, and the first survey company to offer digital mapping at the field level. This progression brought us to where an all-digital surveying, mapping and information management process lay within our grasp.

Seisland’s experience proves that investing in technology can really move the company forward – to the great benefit of our clients. As a result, our maps and information are not only more accurate but more readily available and transferable to all phases of the client’s operations. This benefits safety, quality, productivity, and generates significant program cost savings to the client’s benefit.

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