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The Complete Service Package

Seisland’s integrated technologies, mutually reinforcing capabilities, commitment to continuous improvement and long experience allow us to provide a complete service package in each of our service lines of geospatial mapping, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and GIS.

Nationally, no other seismic survey company offers a triumvirate of unique technologies including INS-based surveying, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and advanced GIS services. Some survey companies have chosen to concentrate solely on seismic surveying. Others have aligned their services with line-cutting and drilling companies in the geophysical industry to form or join corporations which can provide a bundled service package to the industry.

At Seisland, we have chosen to diversify our survey and GIS services beyond the geophysical industry. Seismic may be the first phase of the operation in an area for exploration and production companies. Our ultimate goal, however, is to assist them beyond seismic surveying and mapping. We believe our expertise and technologies can be used to augment the existing seismic spatial data and associated information in order to better plan future exploration and production projects. We also have the expertise and technology to help clients access their spatial data and all associated information throughout all departments, from project concept through decommissioning/reclamation.

We are able to take on any size of survey and provide our clients with complete confidence that the survey will be done safely and to the highest technical quality. In 2012, Seisland surveyed and mapped the year’s largest green-area 3D seismic shoot in western Canada – over 1,100 square kilometres involving 6,500 kilometres of seismic lines.

A quick overview of our services is here.