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The Team

Seisland’s ability to provide its clients with a complete service package across three service lines rests on its superb team of experienced and well-trained people in the field and in the head office.

The team’s skill-sets and experience span all of the company’s requirements, ranging from a geodesist with a 40-year technical track record all the way to young, newly hired GPS surveyors housed in remote winter camps. Seisland continues to be led by CEO Garvin Geck, the company’s founder and original field surveyor (more on Seisland’s history here).

The Seisland team has a strong record of inventiveness, developing solutions, and pushing the company’s technologies and service offering forward. Our technical team includes people with advanced degrees and specialized diplomas or other training. All of us work on our continuing education to remain current with advancements in technology.

Our team includes the following functions and specializations.

At the head office:

  • Senior management team;
  • Geodesist;
  • Geomatics engineers;
  • Mining technologist;
  • Survey technologist;
  • Senior and junior GIS specialists;
  • GIS developers;
  • Equipment management and maintenance, including licensed mechanic; and
  • Accounting and office administration.

In the field:

  • Mapping coordinators – senior and junior;
  • Field coordinators – senior and junior;
  • Senior line pushes – supervisors who oversee the line mulchers, cats or slashers (who are from different companies);
  • Line pushes;
  • Field mappers;
  • Pipeline locators;
  • GNSS surveyors; and
  • INS surveyors.
  • Pilots
  • Spotters