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The Value of Experience

Seisland has been in operation since 1980. We believe our long experience shows in the quality of our services. We have developed and refined time-tested methodologies at the technical level and ways of operating in the field.

The company benefits from stable senior leadership, being led by founder Garvin Geck from 1980 to 2001, when Ed Miyagishima became a company partner. Ed began as a field employee in 1986 and was promoted to Operations Manager in 1995 and Vice President of Operations and Development in 2013. Today, Garvin and Ed continue to lead Seisland.

We operate according to three priorities: safety is always first and foremost, followed by technical survey quality in all its dimensions, followed by speed of execution. Experience demonstrates that this approach provides the best results at the lowest risks to the client and service provider. Geospatial surveying is our original core business, not a sideline as with some providers. We have worked out all the details, and we take every survey very seriously.

Seisland’s approach achieves accuracy in mapping – ensuring that, for example, fences, gates and buildings are where the map says they are, and on the correct side of the road. This strengthens the confidence of the other service providers. They know that if our field culture maps are accurate, their work not only goes more smoothly but is far safer as well, eliminating the risk of trespassing or drilling into a buried pipeline, for example.

Experience also helps on the labour front. The labour shortage afflicting western Canada certainly affects the seismic survey sector, especially given the seasonality of winter work. Seisland has one of the industry’s lowest labour turnover rates, and our core of experienced, long-term supervisors and specialists ensure that newly hired staff are properly trained, supervised and mentored.