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A Unique Team

Our success over more than three decades in business has depended on the commitment, integrity, hard work and innovative thinking of Seisland’s superb personnel in the field and in our head office.

This means that in evaluating potential new team members, we’re looking for people who have a history of integrity, dependability and willingness to adapt to challenging work environments. From your standpoint, it means that in considering Seisland for your career, you’re looking at a company that has not only survived the ups and downs of the natural resources sector, but has grown and broadened its service offering – and values every individual who joins.

Company structure – We’re a team of approximately 20 people in the Calgary head office plus about 40-45 in the field. This smaller-company setting means there are few management layers and everyone knows each other. Each employee works directly for and has continual access to their supervisor or department manager, and all employees and managers have access to upper management.

Work atmosphere – Seisland’s headquarters are located near the centre of Calgary but outside the downtown core. Although we work for some very large clients, the internal working atmosphere is not regimented like in many large companies. Because we are continually thinking about and developing new technology, we want to hear our people’s ideas, we want the company to work safely and efficiently, and we encourage innovation.

We make decisions quickly. For example, if personnel identify a clear need for new equipment, hardware or software, it doesn’t take months for approval. Out in the field, crews are supported with up-to-date and well-maintained equipment.

Technical excellence – When it comes to technology advancement, innovative thinking and technical excellence, Seisland is an industry leader – and we strive to keep it that way. We have a long record of ingenuity, developing solutions, and advancing the services we offer our clients. TriliGIS, for example, is an in-house development, and you can see more about our other key technologies here.

We are a knowledge-based company, and our ability to excel is supported by our upper management’s commitment to continuing education for our personnel. That includes attending conferences and workshops to keep up with both practical and theoretical developments in new technology.

What we look for and what we provide – In hiring, we look for people who offer a combination of responsibility, adaptability and thinking outside the box, the ability to work with different personalities in different work environments, and who can work with a variety of clients to meet their needs. Once they are part of the team, we trust that our people know what they’re doing, and we give them the freedom to do their jobs creatively, while keeping up continual communication and collaboration among team members. Field coordinators are empowered to make decisions and coordinate our programs, while keeping management informed.

We always stress that safety is our foremost priority, followed by our mapping and survey quality, and then our productivity. You can read more about our key operating principles, including those affecting our employees, here.