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We are very proud of our field crews, who have a track record of technically superb survey execution with an excellent safety record under challenging field conditions. Many of Seisland’s field people have five to as many as 20 years of service with the company.

Seisland’s field team consists of:

  • Mapping coordinators – senior and junior;
  • Field coordinators – senior and junior;
  • Senior line pushes – supervisors who oversee the line mulchers, cats or slashers (who are from different companies);
  • Line pushes;
  • Field mappers;
  • Pipeline locators;
  • GNSS surveyors;
  • INS surveyors;
  • Pilots; and
  • Spotters.

What it’s like – Thriving as a Seisland field worker takes a certain kind of person. Our field crews work in remote locations, travel a lot (across Canada, including the Far North), sometimes live in camps, handle machinery, deal with all kinds of weather and environments, and work long hours on rotation, especially during the peak winter season. Some of our field people sign on seasonally, and some return winter after winter because it suits their lifestyle or they have combined Seisland with seasonal summertime employment.

What we need – For our entry-level field jobs, we require people who are able to do physical work in an outdoor setting in extreme weather, and who are willing to work long hours, including on a rotational basis, as well as travel from home and live in camps at times. Rotational work can be 24 days on, four days off. In some cases involving remote areas, the rotation can be 35 days on, seven days off. Above all, we value honesty, reliability, an ethic of hard work, and common sense.

You must have a valid driver’s licence. Further assets would include good mechanical skills, especially experience with outdoor equipment such as quads and snowmobiles, as well as any mapping capabilities or experience, or other experience with navigational equipment like GPS. Everyone is subject to drug and alcohol tests. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be supplied by the company. During your orientation we’ll advise you as to what outdoor clothing you will need to provide on your own.