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GIS Services

Mapping has always been a major component of Seisland’s survey planning, field product and final deliverables. We have made a point of striving for the most complete and accurate mapping information, along with prompt execution and delivery of our mapping services. We were pioneers in the move to digital mapping, in 1996 becoming Alberta’s first feature manipulation engine (FME) customer. We have worked diligently to develop the industry’s most advanced GIS capabilities. This has enabled Seisland to provide a full suite of GIS services, reaching far beyond map-building to support a company’s complete GIS needs.


We can help your GIS department upgrade its capabilities, select the right hardware and software, fill in particular capabilities that aren’t cost-effective for you to provide in-house – or be your organization’s complete, out-sourced GIS department, including all GIS database hosting and management, if your company’s size makes this option more cost-effective.

Map Building

We build GIS maps for a variety of applications, all on the ESRI platform. Using a variety of industry datasets as starting points, our map-building team provides excellent efficiency for your hourly investment. We can also convert paper maps to digital. This ensures that your valuable legacy information isn’t lost or remains siloed inside one department or office. It also allows legacy information to be updated with newly acquired digital data.

Seismic Database Management

Seisland’s knowledge of the oil and natural gas exploration business has allowed our GIS group to work with companies to improve the spatial accuracy and attribute integrity of their seismic databases. Working in the common industry platform, Trango, we have helped companies improve their seismic database’s overall reliability for the benefit of numerous departments across their company.


We provide full-colour map plotting (printing) using our two 44” HP plotters, and can also provide map folding.

On-line information archiving and access

TriliGIS houses not only GIS maps but all of a company’s asset information: images, forms, spreadsheets, and more, all available through customizable reports, 24/7. Please click here for the complete discussion.