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Cost Analysis

We would be pleased to help you analyze the allocation of capital expenditure on your seismic survey by providing a post-job cost analysis. This is useful because day-rates do not effectively account for technology and efficiency improvements, the quality of the final product, or environmental and weather challenges encountered.

Seisland’s cost analysis provides a detailed breakdown of costs on our most recent job for you, including metrics relating to the various tasks and labour categories. The analysis is placed onto the field culture map as a legend, showing the terrain and obstacles encountered during the survey.

At Seisland, we are very cost-conscious on behalf of our clients, and our costs per kilometre are highly competitive. Our highly skilled personnel, combined with enhanced technology and well-maintained equipment, enable us to provide our clients with a safe and consistent product.

We offer detailed field cost reporting using parameters including:

  • Square miles
  • Linear km
  • Tracking (km)
  • Chaining (km)
  • Survey (km)
  • Line Cost/km: line pushing
  • Cost/km: field survey
  • Cost/km: field mapping and field survey
  • Cost/km: other
  • Cost/km: expendables
  • Cost/km: permitting and releasing
  • Cost/km: preliminary services
  • Cost/km: in-house mapping services
  • Total survey cost/km
  • Total survey cost/square mile
  • Total survey cost/square km
  • Billing total (w/o tax)
  • Line Pushing (km)
  • Production: GIS mapping (square miles/day)
  • Production: GPS survey (km/day)
  • Production: INS survey (km/day)
  • Cost/Square Mile: field mapping
  • Cost/Square Km: field mapping