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Our Capabilities

Seisland provides complete, end-to-end geospatial survey and mapping services, from preliminary planning and permitting, to the final plan package. We have trained crews, expert managers, well-maintained equipment and state-of-the-art ground and aerial survey and mapping technologies.

We take great pride in the skills and safety focus of our personnel, and in the accuracy and completeness of our field product, mapping and final deliverables. We were the first geospatial survey company in western Canada, for example, to deploy a dedicated Mapping Coordinator with every field crew.

While offering complete survey and mapping capabilities, we have consciously avoided taking on the tasks of physical line-cutting and drilling. Some clients prefer to select their own drilling and line-cutting subcontractors, which they feel creates external checks and balances on each service provided, and avoids conflicts of interest. We have chosen to stick to what we know best, and do best, and be the best we can be at delivering our core services. And we are diligent in working as a team with all the other subcontractors on all the projects we work on.

Geospatial surveying and mapping form one of Seisland’s four service lines, along with unmanned aerial systems, and GIS services.

Types of Projects

  • 2D, 3D, 4D  and vertical seismic profile (VSP) land seismic surveys
  • Buried utilities surveying, including welds and depths
  • Road construction surveys
  • Oil sands mine surveys
  • Topographic surveys – surface contours, including in areas with poor/no GPS coverage, for all sectors including viticulture and agriculture
  • Surface and underground mining surveys