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Advancing - Line Pushing and Map Updating

Following the preliminary and initial mapping phases, Seisland advances the survey using experienced line pushes overseen by a Mapping Coordinator and Survey Coordinator. Seisland provides a Mapping Coordinator in the field on every 3D, 4D and VSP survey.

Our line pushes are equipped with GPS/GNSS capabilities on all surveys. Under Seisland’s unique approach, the field culture map is created before the survey begins, which means that some of the area’s features and hazards are known ahead of time. This map goes to the client and line-cutting contractor prior to any actual cutting, increasing safety and working efficiency for the line pushes and the line slashers. With proper lead time allotted for scouting/field mapping at the onset of the program, efficiencies will be realized with the line-cutting operations throughout the program.

The line pushes gather the key survey information to be used by the line-cutting machines and line-slashers, downloading and uploading data to and from their GPS units. This information is transferred nightly via the Mapping Coordinator, who processes the information and produces up-to-date field maps containing all work done to-date. New maps are plotted nightly and distributed each morning to all phases of the operation, as required. Updated maps and digital data are also sent to appropriate client and operational contacts, as required. This ensures valuable data is in the hands of our clients as quickly as possible.