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Seisland’s geospatial survey and mapping services cover the entire front end of a geophysical project. Please view the accompanying drop-down menu for each service or click on any of the links below.

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Preliminary Geophysical Services

Few seismic survey providers get involved in preliminary steps like obtaining government approvals, and handling pipeline searches and permitting. But some clients value the familiarity and continuity in having a single contractor provide the complete package, starting with preliminary services and extending to the final plan package. MORE >

Geographic Information Systems

Seisland has worked diligently to develop the industry’s most advanced GIS services. Mapping has always been a major component of Seisland’s pre-survey planning, field product and final survey deliverables, and we shifted to GIS when that technology became available in the mid-1990s. MORE >

Field Mapping

Are you looking to map the physical characteristics of a new area, or do you need quick answers about what’s in an area where you’re already active? Seisland employs highly-skilled field mappers who can access virtually any terrain and use industry-leading technology to create high-quality field culture maps for seismic surveys, construction, as well as power-line and underground utility locating. MORE >

Underground Utility Locating and Mapping

Locating and mapping pipelines and other buried utilities is a key aspect and standard deliverable when Seisland creates field culture maps for geophysical programs. We are equally proficient in locating and mapping underground utilities as part of surveys done for other purposes. MORE >

Advancing – Line Pushing and Map Updating

Following the preliminary and initial mapping phases, Seisland advances the survey using experienced line pushes overseen by a Mapping Coordinator and Survey Coordinator. Seisland provides a Mapping Coordinator in the field on every 3D, 4D and VSP survey. MORE >

Enhanced Survey Technology

In keeping with our philosophy of big-picture thinking, we made the decision years ago to build our capabilities to be able to efficiently map and survey all types of terrain in all conditions – including underground. We developed and acquired the skill-sets and technologies to accomplish our goal. We have used a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and software from specialized providers, and our own in-house inventions and improvements. Seisland follows field procedure standards that ensure consistency in deliverables. MORE >

Support Equipment

On GNSS/INS surveys, Seisland provides on-site trailers for technical support and to minimize downtime. To eliminate snowplowing on winter surveys, crews use snowmobiles and tracked ATVs and UTVs. To ensure operator safety and minimize downtime, we employ a licensed mechanic to service our fleet of up to 20 4×4 vehicles, 50 ATVs, 20 UTVs, 30 trailers and 10 snowmobiles. The ATVs and UTVs can be equipped with tracks or wheels, to suit ground conditions. MORE >