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Trained Crews

We provide our clients exclusively with well-trained and equipped crews for all field work, including a strong component of experienced personnel – and we have a long track record of doing so.

Our positive internal work environment has enabled Seisland to retain staff in a high-turnover industry. This includes seasonal field workers who have returned for as many as 20 seismic seasons, guaranteeing that the majority of workers on any given crew have years of survey experience. In addition, we have resisted the temptation to rapidly add field crews during busy periods. Capping the number of field crews avoids diluting talent during critical periods.

Seisland’s crews are equipped with well-maintained, suitable vehicles such as tracked or wheeled quads, UTVs and snowmobiles, as well as suitable personal protective equipment. They receive thorough training before being sent into the field, including Standard First Aid, H2S Alive, WHMIS, AMA collision avoidance driving, and quad safety.

Each new field worker is assigned an individual mentor, either a Field Coordinator or Junior Field Coordinator, as specified by Seisland’s in-house orientation manual. All new Mapping Coordinators begin by receiving in-house training before going to work under an experienced Mapping Coordinator. All Junior Field Coordinators work under a Field Coordinator before being allowed to manage a field crew.

Seisland’s approach protects the interests of its clients, including mitigating risks, and reflects the company’s three key priorities of safety, mapping and survey quality, and productivity.