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UAS surveying has an incredible range of applications when combined with the right sensor payload and mapping technology. UAS surveying increases safety, mitigates risks and improves decision-making in landfills, agriculture and viticulture, oil and natural gas field operations, forestry, pipeline systems, utility operations (corridors and facilities), mining, real estate, infrastructure, construction, environmental management and heritage sites.


scalable to any size of vineyard

  • Assessment of vine and grape conditions for timely and efficient irrigation, fertilizing, pest and disease control, pruning and harvesting;
  • Precise timing of critical events such as planned moisture starvation, harvests and more;
  • Estimation of yields;
  • General observation of land and infrastructure conditions (e.g., downed fencing, building roof conditions, weeds); and
  • General topographic surveying for planning of new vineyards, irrigation ditches, etc.


Scalable to any size of farming operation

Planning of seeding

  • Assessment of crop conditions for timely and efficient re-seeding, irrigation, spraying and fertilizing;
  • Estimation of yields;
  • Topographic surveys for water drainage assessment; and
  • General observation of land and farm infrastructure status.

Mining, oil and gas, pipelines, infrastructure, construction and others

  • Surveying or inspecting remote rights-of-way;
  • Surveying in any hazardous terrain, including open-pit mines;
  • Surveying for accurate volumetric calculations – landfills, stockpiles, open pits; and
  • Zero-impact surveying of environmentally sensitive or physically delicate sites.