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How It's Done

Seisland’s extensively trained UAV operators and digital mapping experts provide safe, accurate, efficient and comprehensive UAS services – anywhere across Canada.

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We carefully plan the entire UAS mission to meet the customer’s specific needs. We communicate the mission plan with Transport Canada and Nav Canada for operational compliance.

Once on-site we establish ground control if required. Then we fly the mission with either high-resolution, low-distortion cameras or MicaSense RedEdge 3 five-channel multispectral sensors. With both fixed-wing and rotary UAVs in our fleet, we are able to efficiently cover small and large land areas.

Following each day’s survey, we provide the asset owner or their technical representative with preliminary data. Then we conduct the required technical processing in our facility, and deliver the complete processed dataset in a timely manner. Options include orthomosaic and multi-spectral maps that can, for example, indicate the health and physical condition of crops and vines.