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Safety is the core of Seisland’s operating philosophy and our foremost priority. Seisland has among the most thorough set of safety practices in the surveying and mapping sector, including the regulatory certifications required to be an approved supplier to the largest organizations.

All our field personnel are certified with Standard First Aid, WHMIS, collision avoidance driving and our UAV manufacturers’ specific on-site and in-class training for UAS safety and operation. In addition, our field workers working in remote areas are equipped with a field radio and cell phones for added safety.

During field jobs, the UAS crew chief holds a safety meeting before work each morning. The meeting covers the previous day’s experiences, including anything new learned about field hazards, and reminds workers of known hazards.

Each UAS field worker has a hazard/near-miss booklet in which they can record anything encountered that doesn’t appear safe or something that might present a new hazard. Crew notes are given to the UAS crew chief at the end of each day, who enters new information into the project map and hazard table. Each project map includes a hazard analysis.

Seisland’s important corporate safety attributes include:

  • We have had our Certificate of Recognition (COR), the main regulatory recognition that a company has an accredited safety management system, since 2003;
  • Since 2010 we have been accredited with ISNetworld, a U.S.-based registry that includes information on various service providers’ safety attributes, for use by corporate clients;
  • We have a Workers Compensation Board account in good standing;
  • We have a full-time licensed mechanic to ensure that our UAVs as well as all our road vehicles, ATVs, UTVs, and trailers are well-maintained; and
  • We perform scheduled maintenance regardless of equipment utilization to ensure our fleet remains in top working order.