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The Seisland Way

Whatever sector you’re in, your business faces an array of risks and challenges. Objectives need to be met. Accurate surveys can generate maps that can help you make better-informed decisions. But these products must present the right information in a user-friendly format, so you can take the right steps.

Surveying and mapping is a serious process; it is knowledge-based and technology-intensive. It demands expertise and experience. Whether it’s done from the ground, the air or outer space, the particular survey vehicle is just one component in a broader system. So it’s not just about having an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It’s about operating, supporting and generating valuable information through a complete unmanned aerial system (UAS). And that is why many of those outfits that simply “fly drones” are unlikely to get you the information you need, in a format you can use. Some of them lack important safety certifications like their provincial COR.

That’s where Seisland stands out. We’ve been in the surveying and mapping business for over 35 years, serving companies and organizations from owner-operators to global super-majors. We have been technology leaders all along, continually adding state-of-the-art equipment and improving the processes by which we use data captured from the ground, the air and outer space. We have had formal safety certifications for many years. Seisland’s fixed-wing and rotary UAVs are just the latest additions to our lineup.